Loft Music Studios presents a unique backdrop to create and deliver your event, from intimate gatherings to the unique Loft experience utilising all five spaces of the studio.

Loft experience:

Live Room – The largest live room in the North east, measuring 800 sq ft; it has 2 isolation booth visual breakout areas adjoining the main space. Natural daylight, bespoke diffusion panels and a wooden floor give the room a unique sound and feel that drives creativity.

The Lounge  – A new york warehouse style area, drenched in dark colours, exposed brickwork and the all important comfy sofas, a perfect place to plan, think and work .

The Suite – Use in isolation or have it at the centre of your event. The Suite is situated at the front of the building with vast natural light, this bespoke space is modern in look and feel, perfect as a breakout private meeting area.

Control Room – The technical heartbeat of the studio, this bespoke room contains state of the art equipment and mixing desk with full acoustic treatment.

The Office – As it says on the tin, a private area and engine room of your event.